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Article: SM to work with MGM to launch NCT-Hollywood

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+158] Someone please tell me that this is Lee Soo Man’s late April Fool’s Day joke… please…

2. [+102] Enough’s enough;

3. [+90] 23 is already a lot of members.. why are we adding more.. it’s fine as it is now ㅠ

4. [+88] I won’t be happy if Park Jisung will have to be called hyung. I don’t want it. Please stop this…

5. [+70] Ugh, knock it off already

6. [+51] #LeeSooMan_Stop_It

7. [+33] Enough’s enough… huh, SM? Really, we’ve had enough.

8. [+37] Please stop adding members to the group without end. The forever maknae will always be Park Jisung. Is this some joke? Why are the members only finding out through the news too? So Lee Taeyong will have to lead a group of 23+a? Isn’t that crazy? You can do your Hollywood or whatever stuff, just leave the NCT name out of it. Take care of the members you already have… Dream’s full album comeback is already coming up, do you really have to do this right now ^^..

9. [+33] 23 is more than enough members. SM, please take care of the ones you have…

10. [+28] This is pissing me off. How much money have we poured into them and they’re spending that money on useless contracts like this instead of managing our singers?????? Are you crazy??????????

11. [+20] At this rate, we’re going to have members who are father and son in the same group;

12. [+13] Lee Soo Man, this isn’t it.. people are reacting terribly negatively.. are you really going to go through with it?

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