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Article: Girl groups that YG and SM will never be able to create again (SNSD and Black Pink)

Source: Happiness Humor via Instagram

1. [+1,052] Hmm, it’s 2NE1 from YG for me. They’re the legends of my heart.

2. [+707] Wouldn’t it be 2NE1 for YG??!?!?!?!

3. [+506] f(x) for SM, 2NE1 for YG

4. [+442] I don’t think we’ll ever see another group like f(x) again

5. [+146] 2NE1!

6. [+114] I really thought it’d be 2NE1 😢

7. [+92] 2NE1 are legends but I do think we’ll never see another group like Black Pink again where each member has an impact, is a muse for a luxury brand, is collabing with international top artists.. This is my personal opinion so I get that others might think differently so just pass my comment if so but I feel like people are viewing 2NE1 through a lens of nostalgia. In reality, the spotlight was mostly on CL and Park Bom and less so on Minzy and Dara… 

8. [+88] Black Pink’s member combination is truly amazing..

9. [+67] Soshi! Soshi!

10. [+52] SNSD is legendary

11. [+39] 2NE1 for YG…

12. [+18] It’s 2NE1 without a doubt for YG ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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