SNSD’s Taeyeon lost 1 billion won due to a real estate scam

SNSD’s Taeyeon lost 1 billion won due to a real estate scam

The media reports that SNSD’s Taeyeon is “the Hallyu star of a girl group”, known to be the victim of a real estate scam worth 250 billion won

The land is currently under the ownership of Taeyeon, it’s impossible to develop as it is a “conservation mountain” under the Forest Conservation Act

original post: theqoo

1. But 1 billion won is nothing to Taeyeon..

2. It’s amazing to see something like this, Taeyeon has already earned enough money to live without work in the future.. The greed for money still has no end?

3. She lost money because she tried to get more money, what’s the problem?

4. It’s hard to live with rising house prices.. Why are celebrities with a lot of money like this?

5. She has a lot of money, so why did she do it? Doesn’t she think about the fans who like her? Does she not care about her image?

6. There is no end to human desires and greed. She’s just a real estate speculator

7. Worrying about celebrities is useless..

8. No matter how much money she has, her greed is endless

9. Celebrities are loved by the public and earn huge amounts of money that ordinary people can’t imagine, so why are they so greedy for money? I think that speculation contributes to the increase in house prices and real estate prices should be criticized

10. In this case, the victim is not pitiful

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