So Yoo Jin hires a private musical performance for her kids at home ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: So Yoo Jin invites musical team to perform at her home since musicals are closed due to pandemic

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+778] This is great for the kids because they get to enjoy it, great for the musical actors because they get to make money… I get that this is something only the privileged can afford to do but I’m sure the actors are grateful for the opportunity since it isn’t easy to find work these days.

2. [+683] So I checked out the musical’s homepage and they have a separate team specifically for home visits and performances. It’s about 300,000 won an hour. Considering how many kids and adults were at home, I think it would’ve cost them 300,000 won to see the musical at the theater, too. I think this is a great program for both the musical actors and the children who want to see them so why is she getting hate for this…?

3. [+429] Everyone wins in this scenario ㅋㅋ the musical actors get a gig and the kids get to watch something fun without having to travel out~~~

4. [+228] Most musical tickets start at 50,000 won, and up to 100,000 won for adults. You can easily spend 200,000 won just for tickets for three kids and an adult. I say 300,000 won for a home performance is a steal and I’d do it too.

5. [+140] Sorry to my kids, daddy can’t afford this..

6. [+163] Money does it all

7. [+56] I don’t think she should get hate for this. People invite magicians and balloon artists all the time for kids’ birthday parties, and they cost around 500,000 won too… Not that I can afford this either, but..

8. [+41] I think this is great for the economy

9. [+14] This is great for all parties involved ^^ taking your kids to any musical in the theater will cost over 100,000 won… and kids’ shows cost way over 50,000 won. This is quite cheap all things considered…

10. [+6] Not like this costs in the thousands or anything. For a few hundred bucks, they get to do something nice for their community and let their kids create fun memories…

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