Soccer star Ki Sung Yong denies rumors of sexual assault as a minor ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Ki Sung Yong claims “unfounded rumors” at accusation of s*xual assault by soccer club junior

Source: YTN via Naver

1. [+2,275, -53] The victim has retained a lawyer. I don’t think it’s a joke this time.

2. [+845, -32] Think about this logically. Who would expose themselves with such an embarrassing lie? Obviously they’re doing it because it really happened. He was probably so miserable from having to live with the trauma of it.

3. [+986, -277] Why must victims always prove themselves while the attackers can just deny it?

4. [+587, -7] This has crossed the line of a simple school bullying scandal. I think any star would deny this until the end regardless of the truth. A choding forcing a male classmate to give him a BJ? That’s on a completely different level from simple school bullying. This is atomic bomb level, and there’s just too much to lose to ever admitting to something like that. He’ll deny this to his grave.

5. [+283, -38] If this is true, it’s so shocking. I hope he gives the victim a genuine apology.

6. [+184, -5] Thinking about it logically, I don’t think the victim is joking around since he got a lawyer and everything. And who would make up something so embarrassing that happened to them…

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Source: Naver

1. [+1,137, -82] So there were two attackers and two victims with evidence. Honestly, from the perspective of the victims, this must’ve been so embarrassing to come out with. #metoo confessions require so much bravery. There’s no one crazy enough to make something up like this.

2. [+496, -19] Sue for defamation if this is false but it’s actually so terrifying if this is true

3. [+431, -13] There is no man who would ever make up having been victim to such a thing

4. [+253, -15] After seeing how the twin athletes ruined their lives by admitting to their scandals, I think the precedent has been set for stars to just deny everything and scare the victims into staying quiet. Not like there’s any concrete evidence since this all happened when they were children, other than witness testimonies ㅋㅋ

5. [+225, -23] Yeah, they all deny it at first until the evidence starts coming out

6. [+126, -4] The victim is no celebrity, I doubt he has extra money laying around to just hire a lawyer for no reason. And to be going up against a national athlete? I don’t think the rumors are unfounded. What does that make Ki Sung Yong’s sexuality then, though?

7. [+111, -4] It’s an embarrassing memory for the victim too, especially for him to have to admit that he gave him a BJ to the public. Why would he say he sucked it if he didn’t? I have a feeling this scandal is true 🤣🤣🤣🤣

8. [+140, -36] I don’t know any fool who would admit to something so heinous.. I’m just so shocked that this all happened when they were in elementary school. I doubt there’s any evidence left since it was so far ago so I bet he’ll just deny it until the end.


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