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Article: [Exclusive] “Forced by Ki Sung Yong in a dorm with 20 other people” vs “How is that possible?”

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+5,271, -173] Enough with the media play, just release the ‘evidence’. No need for long words, right?

2. [+3,190, -653] Same sex assault occurs even in the army. You don’t think it can happen in a dorm with 20 men? Yes, it’s possible. Anyone who’s served in the army would know.

3. [+2,608, -815] Something about this feels like Ki Sung Yong is lying and trying to bury it. The problem right now is whether the victims can stand up against someone as big as Ki Sung Yong for much longer.

4. [+1,616, -122] If Ki Sung Yong is right, then this is something he should not be handling by just talking to the media… he should be taking it to court immediately. Sexual assault is a huge accusation to make, he should be getting the police involved immediately!!!

5. [+865, -37] A criminal psychologist said on a documentary that criminals always demand evidence and provide their victims with an opportunity to produce said evidence. But the truly innocent know that they are innocent and do not make such demands. Why give the accuser any opportunity to produce evidence if you yourself know that you didn’t do it? They’d just go straight to the police to report them for false accusations. Why wait for evidence?

6. [+860, -109] I’m inclined to believe the victim more. His is a story that’s difficult to make up.

7. [+762, -49] I find it so odd that Ki Sung Yong is giving his victim the opportunity to “fix his story”… it almost feels like he’s still trying to hold his power over him. If he’s so innocent, why is he giving anyone any opportunity at all? 

8. [+625, -21] The statute of limitations has already passed for these victims but they’re still risking it all, knowing that they can get sued by him, to come out with the truth.. and I think I know why. They probably lived with the trauma all this time and couldn’t bear seeing him on TV living a happily married life any longer.

9. [+398, -13] I don’t know what the truth is at this point but I feel suspicious of Ki Sung Yong’s actions and words. There’s no reason for him to demand for evidence if he never committed such a crime, right? Because the evidence wouldn’t exist at all. All he has to do is sue them for defamation right away. Why say that he’s giving his victims an opportunity to provide evidence that he should know doesn’t exist? 

10. [+355, -11] I’m inclined to believe the victims. There is no fool in this world who would make up a story where he was forced to give a BJ over 10 times. Especially when news would get out to the entire soccer industry, an industry that they’re still a part of. Why would someone lie about that?

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