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Article: [Issue] Solar, from ‘shaving head’ to ‘transparent + child-like outfit’ under controversy… “sexualizing childish qualities” vs “people are only harsh with Mamamoo”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+2,086, -428] Eh? How is the outfit child-like… it’s just a bit flashy is all;;; not like she’s got a baby bottle in her mouth

2. [+1,698, -429] ㅋㅋㅋ Feminist arguments are a bit weird to me. They claim that women have a right to wear whatever they want but when a pretty woman shows a bit of skin, they’re immediately like “ahhhhhhh! you are sexualizing our gender! you are lowering the standards of women’s rights!’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but if an ugly woman shows a bit of skin, they’re like, ‘unni, you’re so cool, you’re the trend”… Are pretty women not women?? Feminism seems like a selfish mental illness.

3. [+1,340, -352] I wonder what they would’ve said if Whasa wore this outfit. I expect you all to use the same standard of judgment.

4. [+203, -18] Child-like or not, I don’t get why she would wear something like that at all. We all know what she was trying to do.

5. [+167, -13] Nevermind the outfit, why not wear anything underneath at all? Sigh… they’re always too much.

6. [+162, -8] The child-like outfit isn’t the problem, it’s that she’s not wearing anything underneath! What is this, a porno?

7. [+128, -18] I think they always go over the top to compensate for their subpar looks

8. [+125, -2] It is pretty erotic looking. Can you imagine the outrage if Twice or Red Velvet wore something like that/

9. [+88, -14] It’s kind of the type of outfit that would’ve been way more controversial if IU wore

10. [+60, -8] Are artists these days unable to express themselves without exposing skin or going over the top? Does she consider herself an artist for exposing that much of her behind and wearing something a pre-schooler would wear?

11. [+50, -1] I’ll admit the picture did take me by surprise;

12. [+34, -3] I have never in my life seen a female idol do a no panty concept

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