Son Naeun’s acting earns positive reviews in ‘Lost’

Article: “Her acting has definitely improved” Son Naeun’s first drama since YG transfer ‘Lost’ receives positive reviews

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+69] Are people commenting after seeing her latest acting? I was horrified seeing her roll her eyes in that one scene a long time ago but she’s been improving since ‘Dinner mate’ and she’s really good now.

2. [+17] Wow, gorgeous

3. [+14] Son Naeun’s good at that type of character that warms up to you but is rough around the edges ㅋㅋㅋ she’s really good 👏👏👏

4. [+13] Son Naeun fighting 😍

5. [+13] I saw her clips on YouTube, she’s improved a lot and seems more natural now

6. [+54] I don’t hate her but her acting is really…

7. [+10] Pretty~

8. [+7] I really was shocked seeing her roll her eyes in her old drama

9. [+7] Son Naeun fighting ❤️

10. [+3] Both her singing and acting are whatever for me..

11. [+3] Not at all

12. [+1] If this is what you consider good…

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