Song Hye Gyo and Jang Ki Yong pair up in upcoming romance drama ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Song Hye Gyo ♥ Jang Ki Yong to lead in ‘romance’ drama

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+338] Why are you all telling Song Hye Gyo to mess with Jang Ki Yong as if he has anything to do with any of you ㅋㅋ did she say she was going to eat him alive or something?

2. [+254] Is it going to be Jang Ki Yong this time

3. [+175] Don’t mess with Jang Ki Yong

4. [+120] All of you leaving hate comments on SNS and making fun of people are no different from the school bullies. Has Song Hye Gyo ever done anything to you? Or are you just jealous that she’s so much more beautiful and successful than you? Or do you not get enough love in your life that you have to take it out on her?

5. [+94] I guess it’s Jang Ki Yong this time

6. [+41] Kyah, she’s going after Ki Yong now

7. [+40] I support Song Hye Gyo’s next drama, fighting

8. [+27] Finally something new to watch! Hye Gyo unni and Jang Ji Yong paired with the ‘Misty’ writer 😍

9. [+12] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking it in the comments… Please don’t take Jang Ki Yong… 

10. [+16] They have a good look together

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