Song Hye Gyo reflects on the people in her life ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Song Hye Gyo, “What hasn’t changed since my youth is my relationship with people… My people have always stayed by me”

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+692, -146] I suppose Song Joong Ki wasn’t one of those people then ㅋㅋ

2. [+611, -180] Just make sure you don’t evade taxes

3. [+531, -114] And yet her men change all the time

4. [+54, -18] There she goes with the media play again

5. [+51, -17] And her sponsors change

6. [+41, -17] Just come out and say it if you think it’s unfair! The reason for divorce definitely lies with Song Hye Gyo. That’s what we’ve gleaned from the media, and that’s how we’ve come to our suspicions.

7. [+39, -9] Cringe that she’s calling her friends “my people”

8. [+37, -8] I wonder if all those rumors about her Chinese sponsors are true. I want to hear Song Joong Ki’s side of the story too. There are no secrets that exist in the world, they’re all waiting to be exposed, and that’s why everyone should live moral lives, especially celebrities. There is no shortage of young, pretty women…

9. [+37, -14] What also hasn’t changed since your youth = your relationships with men

10. [+31, -15] I wonder what she tells all her longtime celebrity friends… “It’s not me, it’s them”… because I’m pretty sure you’d see someone’s issues if you’re friends with them for so long… and come to your own conclusions after seeing all of the men they’ve dated…

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