Song Joong Ki smiles for his ‘Hi High’ teaser ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+1,403, -122] Looks like he got fillers after he lost a lot of weight in his face.. he looks like Kim Ho Jin

2. [+1,323, -130] His face doesn’t look like it used to..

3. [+881, -86] Okay…

4. [+182, -14] He was never famous for having a handsome face, it was for being youthful and fresh, but now he just looks like an ajusshi

5. [+165, -8] Sigh… I now know why celebrities are so sensitive to scandals… his image feels so different now

6. [+152, -16] He must’ve gained weight… his old looks are all gone…;

7. [+146, -8] Song Joong Ki was never known as a traditional handsome face like Jung Woo Sung or Won Bin. He had that tofu-like, fresh feel to him. Now that he’s getting older, his face has no merit. He’s also small-statured so unless he makes up for all of it with some amazing acting, I reckon his career will decline rather than go up..

8. [+140, -8] Not a fan but he doesn’t have that fresh feel anymore.. he looks like an ajusshi

9. [+120, -7] His overall vibe has gotten older…

10. [+103, -13] He’s really lost his looks… he used to look amazing in ‘Descendants of the Sun’

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