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Chinese steal Korean culture in a new way

Songs such as IU’s “Morning Tears,” Toy’s “Good Person,” Davichi’s “From me to you,” Lee Seung Chul’s “Blue Swallow OST,” and more have Chinese producers listed as the original copyright owners to these songs.

Therefore, it was found that the Korean artists who are the original owners of the songs are not able to receive proper copyright profits (usually through YouTube ad revenue), and the profit is given to a different person. Some people think that a Chinese company might be gaming YouTube’s Content ID system for their own monetary gain.

Earlier, Younha also announced that she will be taking action after hearing the news that her song “Waiting” had a different name listed as the original owner.

She wrote on her Instagram, “If the person asked and followed the proper procedure, I would have approved the song to be used. I’m taken aback because they used a method that was beyond my imagination but I’m going to take measures against it.”

She also criticized saying that stealing copyright in this manner, “cannot impress others and does not allow that person to earn much money.” cr

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1. Well, it’s even more than you can imagine.. Crazy

2. What the hell is YouTube doing?

3. China, a country of thieves can’t live without Korean cultureㅋㅋㅋ Cultural Colony

4. Wow, it’s beyond imagination

5. Because they don’t have freedom of thought and expression, they can only steal from others because they don’t know how to create their own culture

6. Hundreds of millions of heads can’t even make a song

7. YouTube approves money-related issues without checking them?

8. Didn’t China ban YouTube? But are they doing it?

9. It’s ridiculous that this could happen. What is YouTube doing??

10. Wow, crazy thieves beyond your imagination

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