Soojin eventually leaves (G)I-dle over bullying scandal

Article: ‘Bullying controversy’ Soojin ends up leaving (G)I-dle

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+1,359, -16] Justice prevails

2. [+654, -7] This is the right way to go. It would’ve been wrong for her to get in the way of the other members.

3. [+456, -7] They’re only making her leave now?

4. [+424, -88] When are we going to start kicking out Chinese members from groups? They’re going to backstab us for the CCP anyway so why not just cut ties quickly?

5. [+287, -21] Sad to have ever met you, let’s never see you again

6. [+142, -11] Stray Kids Hwang Hyunjin, Red Velvet Irene, ITZY Lia, kick them all out, don’t let them coast by

7. [+106, -2] If this is how she was going to end up, what made her ballsy enough to demand Seo Shin Ae to speak up? ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+75, -7] Poor Seo Shin Ae had to suffer because of her

Source: Naver

1. [+1,253, -9] If she was going to leave anyway, it would’ve been cleaner for her to have left sooner

2. [+1,060, -39] What is with her face? They really be letting anyone debut as celebrities these days

3. [+516, -2] Entertainment agencies need to start adding clauses demanding huge penalties should a school bullying controversy occur after debut. We need to make sure that our youth grow up with positive influences. 

4. [+218, -5] Justice prevails. We need to make sure no one suffers at the hands of school bullying.

5. [+210, -2] All because she kept holding on, she tanked her team’s image with herself.. should’ve kicked her out sooner

6. [+87, -0] To all of you teen iljins watching this, take a good look

7. [+84, -2] It was a wonder how a face like hers ever became an idol in the first place

8. [+83, -1] Her agency needs to apologize too. All they did was believe her and threatened legal lawsuits against the victims. They need to apologize for only listening to one side of the story.

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