Soojin halts promos, Seo Shin Ae writes poetic post expressing feelings ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Soojin halts promos, Seo Shin Ae shares feelings… “Memories that come up to the throat with my tears”

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+2,012, -10] She must be banished from the industry forever

2. [+1,185, -25] Shin Ae has quite the way with words ㅋ find strength, Shin Ae-ya~~ ^^ You are forever our ‘High Kick’ Shin Ae~~ ^^

3. [+607, -10] Her poetic words really help you feel the suffering her heart has been through. I’m thankful that she was able to withstand it all.

4. [+561, -4] Let this be a lesson to elementary, middle, and high schoolers… that anyone involved in gangster and iljin activities will be found out and will be met with failure. It’s the only way we can decrease the amount of violence in schools..

5. [+287, -7] How can the victims of bullying ever be compensated for??

6. [+141, -3] Wow, Seo Shin Ae’s writing ability… I’m in awe

7. [+109, -1] Halting promos won’t be enough, she should be forced to leave the group

8. [+107, -2] I choked up reading Seo Shin Ae’s post. She has deep thoughts. So different from a certain other person who keeps denying everything. I support you!! You will only have spring days in the future.

9. [+89, -1] Each line put me in awe. It’s a post that couldn’t have been written by anyone other than someone who suffered silently.

10. [+33, -0] She must’ve been bullied badly. No wonder she dropped out of school. The audacity for Soojin to claim that their memories might be different… All bullies, celebrities or not, deserve to be met with utter failure. Scare all of the future bullies and dry out the roots at the core of the issue.

Article: G-Idle’s Soojin halts promos after school bullying controversy

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+616] Halt? She should be taken out of the group…

2. [+246] And so what about April’s Naeun then?

3. [+190] And where’s the apology?? When victims are crying tears of blood??

4. [+228] Looks like all you middle and high schoolers better be good kids if you want to become a celebrity

5. [+288] You reap what you sow

6. [+193] You reap what you sow

7. [+48] Let’s all try to live kind lives

8. [+29] Just halt promos for the rest of your life… don’t think a hiatus will fix this

9. [+6] She probably never imagined that such a thing could happen to her… but you should know that if you make someone cry tears of blood, it will always come back to you

10. [+2] If you hurt someone, it will come back to you

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