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Article: (G)I-Dle’s Soojin left out of new digital song recording

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+676] Looks like they’re going to wait until things quiet down so they can bring her back out like nothing happened

2. [+507] The longer they drag this out without any proper statement will just make it worse on the victims and the group’s fans

3. [+353] Cube is no different from this kid

4. [+227] So what is it? Is she leaving the group or not?

5. [+114] Soar higher, Soyeon 👏

6. [+200] If all she’s being left out of is the digital recording, then it seems like they’re waiting for things to quiet down before adding her back later ㅋㅋ she’s still technically a member which means the group as a whole needs to be boycotted

7. [+69] Don’t think of coming back when things quiet down. I’ll never ever forget what you did.

8. [+37] Soojin is the absolute worst….😢

9. [+10] In today’s age, you can basically consider something true if an agency is taking this long to put out a statement. The internet age has advanced too far to be waiting around like this. One simple search is all it takes to find decades of your history.

10. [+3] Looks like she won’t be leaving the group after all ㅋㅋ when she’s the one who put her group on the line while claiming to tell the truth

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