Statistics by gender / age group for male singers’ concerts booked through Interpark in 2022






Epik High

Kim Sung Kyu

Sung Si Kyung

1. There are more BTS fans in their 40s than fans in their teens.. BTS has a lot of older fans

2. Kim Sung Kyu debuted 13 years ago, but fans in their 10s and 20s account for more than 73%

3. I’m curious about BIGBANG

4. I’m surprised by Highlight and Epik High.. They still have the most fans in their 20s

5. BTS’ age groups are a bit different

6. I’m curious about NCT, The Boyz, and TXT

7. In fact, the number of teen BTS fans is the same or higher than the total number of fans of other idols, so don’t compare

8. Even my older relatives like BTS, so it’s true that they’re popular among all age groups

9. Among male idols, it’s surprising that Astro has a high percentage of male fansㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Even though Highlight and Kim Sung Kyu are 2nd generation, they still have a lot of fans in their 20s

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