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 Article: STAYC under misandry controversy because a member said “Don’t worry, it won’t be a morale performance”

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

STAYC members were on V app chatting with fans when a viewer commented, “I’m a soldier and I watch ‘ASAP’ all day. I love you. Please come perform at our base to boost morale.” They replied, “We really want to go perform.” The chat then started commenting, “Why would children go perform to boost morale?”, “Don’t go perform to boost morale”, to which Yoon replied, “We’re not going to boost morale, we’re just going to perform. Don’t worry. (*wags finger*)”

Some netizens took issue with them saying “don’t worry” as if performing to boost morale was a bad thing, commenting on community boards, “Don’t worry? What do they think performing to boost morale is about?”, “Then what about Brave Girls who got famous for performing to boost morale? ㅋㅋ The army isn’t some weird place, what’re you saying don’t worry about?”, “What does that make the Brave Girls then? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”, “What do women think performing to boost morale is about? The Brave Girls got famous off of it but I guess STAYC will never get the opportunity”, and “Maybe their fans are against it because they won’t be able to see them perform if it’s at an army base?”

1. [+597] Why is this a STAYC controversy…? If we’re being technical, it’s their fans who brought it up 😢

2. [+470] They debuted during the pandemic and have never been able to perform in front of fans. They’re babies born in 04, I don’t get why we have to make a mess of them just trying to communicate with their fans..

3. [+484] Oh yeah, this is totally appropriate to be talking about in front of these children

4. [+367] I think people need to think about why performing at army bases has such a negative connotation to it. Whenever girl groups go to perform there, army boards would post fan accounts with all sorts of sexual harassment. Girl groups are also dressed in more revealing clothes than usual… It’s gotten a lot better now with more people being aware of what’s considered sexual harassment and what’s not but stuff like that used to be considered the norm back then. 

5. [+308] STAYC are literal babies, why put them under such a controversy?

6. [+458] Men are being so damn sensitive;; 

7. [+494] Why is hating performing at army bases considered misandry anyway? Is there a reason women should like it at all?

8. [+166] I think it’s understandable that fans don’t want a girl group where the members are still minors to go perform at army bases. The Brave Girls are a positive example of performing there but if you look at videos of most of the girl groups who perform there, they’re often subjected to revealing outfits and sexual harassment. The soldiers also go crazy over any sexy dances… What kind of fan would want to put their minor members in such a situation? Even as a man, I can see that the fans are just concerned for the minors… this isn’t something to see as problematic.

9. [+292] These members are minors, guys.. f*ck

10. [+106] I think a lot of people misunderstand what these morale performances are about because it uses the same terminology as ‘comfort women’ but these concerts are held in a completely controlled environment. Any talk of sexual harassment happening is just a baseless rumor out of Twitter. 2Bic and Min Kyung Hoon have done a lot of army concerts. These concerts aren’t meant to serve as sexual consolation for the soldiers but to honor their service and give them a moment to enjoy the stage and find strength. Please don’t distort what’s meant to be a good deed. 

11. [+162] What do you mean “what do women see these concerts as”? Have you not read the comments by soldiers who post things sexualizing these idols all the time?

12. [+199] You can tell why some people find these concerts problematic when you just search army concert videos on YouTube…;; they’re dressed more scantily than usual and it’s usually B-tier girl groups who have to do sexy dances on stage.

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