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Article: Constant talk of rookie female idol being a lookalike to SNSD’s Yoona

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+1,114] Not at all

2. [+327] She doesn’t look like her

3. [+383] Is it necessary to say Yoona’s a wall in the comments, though…

4. [+262] Yoona’s a wall… I can kinda see Yoona in her for a slight moment

5. [+395] She kinda looks like her but Yoona’s a wall

6. [+133] Doesn’t look like her but she’s pretty in her own right

7. [+100] Why make this comparison and make J get hate?

8. [+90] But she’s pretty

9. [+72] I don’t know about the lookalike but they both have their own charm

10. [+337] Please don’t make these comparisons and hurt a rookie for no reason ㅠㅠㅠ

11. [+77] If she doesn’t look like her, just say that. Why say Yoona’s a wall and bring her into this? 

12. [+15] Doesn’t look like her at all ㅠ

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