‘Street Woman Fighter’ getting negative reaction from an edited scene today

‘Street Woman Fighter’ getting negative reaction from an edited scene today

The program that was aimed to showcase the skills of professional dancers but it’s turning into a Produce series, which is killing the show’s vibe

Personally, I feel like they’re trying to push the narrative of a dancer with lacking skills trying to dance battle with other dancers. They’re trying to focus only on Hyojin Choi’s leadership rather than her dancing

original post: theqoo

1. I feel sorry for Chaeyeon ㅠㅠ

2. Every time Chaeyeon appears, the atmosphere drops so I’m a bit uncomfortable.. Personally, I don’t care about her story, I just want to see other dancers dance

3. But she’s an idol, why is she there?

4. Watching that show reminds me of Produce’s evil editing

5. Mnet again, that’s why I don’t watch Mnet shows anymore

6. There’s nothing wrong with Chaeyeon.. She dances well, of course her skills are worse than other dancers, but that’s just due to editing by the production team

7. Chaeyeon dances well, but Mnet is making her look pitiful

8. I bet they want to edit Lee Chaeyeon just as an idol

9. It’s a pity that Hyojin Choi only appeared as the leader

10. Chaeyeon’s talent, skills, and charms don’t suit this show at all.. Why did she join this show?

What do you think?

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