Suho Talks About EXO Being “One,” Reading Messages From Fans, And More

EXO’s Suho has graced the cover of the May issue of Allure Korea!

The concept of the photo shoot is “Me, myself, and I,” bringing out Suho’s many sides using different accessories and props.

At the interview, Suho talked about his solo debut album “Self-Portrait,” sharing, “This time, I wasn’t trying to show my [skills] as a vocalist. Instead, I wanted to show the type of music I wanted to make. When my song topped music charts, I thought, ‘My sincerity must have reached everyone, since many people, not only my fans, are listening to the song.’”

Suho also explained how he feels about his fellow EXO members. He said, “It’s like the EXO members and I have become one. Now, I think that just by looking at their eyes, I’m able to tell why they’re doing something or making a certain facial expression.”

Asked what makes him feel happy these days, he shared that he felt joy reading heartfelt messages from fans while promoting.

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