Sulli’s friend Kim Sun Ah adopts her cat Goblin ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Sulli’s pet Goblin updates… Kim Sun Ah confesses to adopting “Touched by Kim Heechul fostering”

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+2,003, -35] Sulli must’ve been such a nice person. To see so many people around her helping her without hesitation. Kim Heechul, Kim Sun Ah… both seem so warm hearted.

2. [+1,637, -32] With all of the pain that she’s felt, I hope that she’s at peace in a warm place now.

3. [+946, -35] Sulli’s ‘Goblin’ lyrics: Don’t be afraid of the cat without fur. Peachy white skin, just wanna tell you hi

4. [+113, -6] All of the drugged out kids that used to be on Sulli’s Instagram seem to have cut ties now that there’s nothing in it for them. Meanwhile Kim Sun Ah is remaining by Sulli’s side until the end.

5. [+85, -10] The cat is actually very loving and loves people. Please don’t put the cat down. It’s so evil of anyone to call it disgusting looking.

6. [+66, -8] I prefer fluffy cats myself but how dare you call an innocent animal “disgusting”? I’d love to see the face of someone like that. They’d be lucky to have just an ugly face because an ugly heart would be so much worse. I feel so bad for the cat who’s probably missing its owner… Live happily with your new family, kitty.

7. [+47, -94] The cat is really disgusting

8. [+42, -13] I feel bad for Sulli’s death… but do people really think that cat is pretty?? ㅠㅠ I’m not sure

9. [+39, -17] The cat looks so scary ㅜ

10. [+35, -4] Sun Ah-ssi, thank you for taking Goblin in. I’m sure she’s thanking you from heaven. Please give it lots of love until its last moments. If a god exists, I’m sure they will bless you with happiness for the good deed that you are doing. Thank you again for taking in a cat that has no where to go without its owner.

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