Sung Shi Kyung responds to stalking allegations by offering treatment and help ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Sung Shi Kyung genuinely concerned for woman claiming to be gaslit + stalked by him “I want to help her get treated”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+259] Yes… she should get treatment if she’s sick…

2. [+242] He’s being the bigger person. Most celebrities would think of just suing the person but he wants to help her get help. There’s a reason he’s had a 20 year career with no scandals.

3. [+106] How kind of him… I would’ve just sued her, damn

4. [+107] Sung Shi Kyung streams weekly on his YouTube, and anyone who tunes in will be able to tell that he’s not like those degenerates on the internet;; He has great relationships with seniors and juniors and TV shows are constantly casting him. It’s fact that he’s not a bad person.

5. [+33] So many odd people in the world these days… When I first read this news, I just knew that she needed help. I hope she gets the treatment she needs. 

6. [+14] Every week I tune in to his live, I realize how strong his character is!

7. [+8] How kind of him! 👏

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