Swings’ girlfriend Im Bora reveals her middle school graduation photo ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “Legendary beauty” Swings♥ Im Bora’s middle school graduation photo revealed ‘surprise’

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+930, -108] She’s pretty but she looks like she partied hard

2. [+855, -100] Looks like one of those girls who hung out in iljin groups of 3-4 people

3. [+528, -48] People always find partners who are birds of a feather!!

4. [+56, -5] Guys, none of her classmate have ever exposed her for being a bully or iljin. It’s unfair to assume she partied hard or whatever over one picture from her youth. It shouldn’t be so easy to judge someone and it’s actually so disgusting.

5. [+56, -23] Anyone who’s been in school knows what her type is, a total iljin ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+55, -16] She was pretty even when she was younger

7. [+39, -12] She looks so pretty… although I’m sure that’s up for debate for others

8. [+33, -4] Do you all remember your own graduation photos????? Because this looks really good for a middle school graduation photo.

9. [+29, -5] So she got lip fillers, right?

10. [+20, -6] She looks really pretty here. But she claimed that she grew up in the countryside amidst farms and cows so I guess she was running through the fields in eyeliner and a full head of bangs?;;;

11. [+19, -3] I think most girls her age will know what her type is. Sure she could’ve been one of those iljin groups but there were often girls who grouped up and loved dolling up but never bullied anyone or smoked cigarettes. There were a lot of good kids in those groups, they just cared about how they looked.

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