T-ara reveals they’re on good terms with former CEO Kim Kwang Soo despite winning lawsuit against him ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: T-ara says they celebrated former CEO’s birthday party after winning lawsuit against him

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+315] They chose to be the bigger people

2. [+251] T-ara’s the better person

3. [+238] Kwang Soo ajusshi is really good at making groups but they’ve all had such bad endings…

4. [+80] Didn’t Girlfriend disband over fighting over who owns the right to their names? I heard Source Music registered it under themselves in March 2021..

5. [+43] Kwang Soo’s a mess 😤

6. [+2] It’s been such a while since I’ve seen T-ara

7. [+91] Kwang Soo could learn a thing or two from these kids

8. [+3] But didn’t their producer come up with their name, not themselves?

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