Taeyang opens up about Big Bang performing at ‘Coachella’ in ‘Esquire’ interview ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Big Bang Taeyang, “The members deliberated a lot over the offer to perform at the Coachella festival…”

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+404, -86] Just go solo

2. [+379, -86] Anyone who promises to support him when he goes solo is a pig

3. [+346, -62] He’s no different from the others, he stayed quiet when he knew about all of Seungri’s crimes, pfft

4. [+43, -5] None of the members are reflecting and are already gearing up to perform at Coachella… not an ounce of morality or shame from any of them

5. [+41, -19] You’re no different from the rest

6. [+36, -15] I used to think that they were so popular as a group that they could get away with some things but after seeing GD’s scandals and the members all get into their own scandals one by one with Seungri hitting peak, I can’t view them positively anymore… And Taeyang was probably laughing while watching it all go down.

7. [+24, -1] This pictorial does not look cool…

8. [+17, -2] Taeyang may have a scandal of his own that hasn’t been uncovered yet.. or hasn’t committed something yet

9. [+10, -2] If it was worth deliberating over, you shouldn’t have taken the offer!

10. [+7, -3] Speaking honestly, Big Bang is over

11. [+7, -1] Birds of a feather is science

12. [+7, -3] You’re staying with them because you’re no different from them, right?

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