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Article: Big Bang’s Taeyang “Min Hyorin, the only woman who inspires me to change”

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,150, -132] Taeyang is the cleanest member of Big Bang, I wish you happiness ^^

2. [+871, -91] Youngbae is the truest out of YG

3. [+761, -71] Beautiful and handsome, they’re such a good match. I’m going to check the video out on YouTube on my way to work later.

4. [+71, -14] You guys are really calling him the cleanest? ㅋㅋㅋ You really think he didn’t know what his own members were doing? Isn’t he best friends with GD? You really gotta give YG credit for their media play.

5. [+51, -1] I remember older videos when he said he would stay back in the practice room when the other members would go out and I thought his personality was weird but he’s actually a kind person who’s nice to his juniors, enjoys cooking, and gets married to his first love.

6. [+47, -8] I approve of a solo album but I am against Big Bang getting back together

7. [+33, -7] I wonder how he was able to survive doing music with a bunch of mentally sick people without letting them get to him? ㅋㅋ Amazing

8. [+33, -6] Leave the group and go solo. Don’t hang out with bad kids.

9. [+28, -3] There are people around you that you assume are the hard partying types but they’re actually innocent and deep like Taeyang ㅋㅋ

10. [+26, -4] The only normal member of Big Bang

11. [+25, -2] YG kids, you see this? Watch and learn from him. Look how beautiful and happy they look.

12. [+24, -1] I like that he isn’t a tryhard like GD, all up in your face like Seungri or Daesung, and doesn’t act like he’s fake 4-dimensional like TOP.

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