Taeyeon shares update after her father’s passing ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Taeyeon shares update after her father’s death “Dad! Taeyeon loves you so much”

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+2,144, -39] Find strength

2. [+1,534, -43] Taeyeon’s songs have always consoled me.. I listen to songs like ‘UR’, ‘Four Seasons’, and ‘Drawing Our Moments’ every day… It’s hard to believe that something like your own father passing away on your birthday, a story that sounds straight out of a movie or a novel, is reality for a famous celebrity. How could we ever understand her family’s pain ㅠㅠ Find strength. Whenever is fine, just come back when you’re feeling healthy and ready.

3. [+348, -8] Nowadays, just hearing that anyone’s parent has passed away breaks my heart. Because I know that it will happen to me soon too.

4. [+74, -7] I unfollowed Jessica’s Instagram. They’ve been friends and co-workers for over 10 years, I doubt Jessica could’ve posted what she did if she truly felt any grief. I unfollowed seeing her posting about how lavishly she’s living. There’s obviously a reason the other members keep their distance from her. Either way, fighting Taenggoo!!

5. [+66, -8] To all of you fools who are asking why Taeyeon is even posting on Instagram at a time like this.. ㅜㅜ you do realize that she’s a high status celebrity with lots of fans? She knows that fans are worrying for her, especially with the recent passings of her friends, and that many are waiting for her updates. I think she wrote her post well, especially the line where she promised she will take all of this love and consolation and live her life well. It’s hard for me to watch the people she loves leave her lfe like this but imagine how she herself must feel? And yet she’s always thinking of others too… Taeyeon, always find strength.

6. [+56, -1] I remember watching an old show where Taeyeon talked about having dreams of becoming a singer in junior high and her father would drive her to lessons from Junju to Seoul every weekend… Without her father, we would not know the singer that we know now, right?

7. [+52, -2] Imagine how proud he must’ve been of her~ So many listen to her voice and feel consoled. Please work hard at your promos. Sing many great songs with your beautiful voice!

8. [+42, -1] Taeyeon… so many people are watching over you from behind. Don’t forget that, and don’t feel lonely!!

9. [+41, -5] She’s not on Instagram because she’s an “attention wh*re’, it’s because so many fans are deeply concerned for her. Taeyeon’s not like the rest of you.

10. [+40, -3] Taeyeon-ssi, fighting 🙂

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