Teens vote on the top idol groups of the fourth generation

Article: Teens pick the representative idol groups of the fourth generation

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

The Boyz 33.5%
TXT 32.4%
Stray Kids 15.5%
NCT 4%

Aespa 46.2%
STAYC 22.9%
ITZY 15.4%
Weeekly 6.6%

1. [+555] Wouldn’t NCT be considered a part of the third generation? Although I’m sure they’ll be adding enough more members to be included in the fourth generation as well

2. [+398] NCT’s considered fourth generation…?

3. [+233] But NCT debuted in 2016. Their popularity may be at its peak now but I wouldn’t consider them a part of the fourth generation.

4. [+144] NCT is not fourth generation… they just started getting popular with the fourth generation

5. [+92] Jjang Boys

6. [+82] NCT is third… though I’m sure they’ll be adding enough members to make it to fifth and sixth too..

7. [+63] NCT debuted in ’16, The Boyz in ’17, Stray Kids in ’18, and TXT in ’19

8. [+44] Fourth generation is NHYPHEN, TXT, and The Boys

9. [+28] What is the cut off for fourth generation? NCT and The Boyz are fourth? I’d say it’s any group that debuted ’19 and after is fourth.

10. [+10] Aespa #1 top idol of the fourth generation ❤️

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