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What are the best idol songs of the first half of the year?

Among the songs released from January to June 2021, please tell me the top 3 songs that are best for you

For me

TWICE ‘Alcohol-Free’
Rose ‘On The Ground’
Oh My Girl ‘Dun Dun Dance’

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1. [+353, -94] Next Level, Rollin’, Alcohol-Free

2. [+336, -128] Butter, Lilac, Don’t Call Me

3. [+298, -75] For me it’s 0X1=LOVESONG… It’s my taste

4. [+130, -23] Butter, Next Level, Dun Dun Dance

5. [+87, -40] Next Level, Don’t Call Me, Hot Sauce, Dun Dun Dance

6.[+65, -21] Next Level, Lilac, ASAP

What do you think?

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