The biggest music market is the US, so where is the second music market?

Europe…?? Or China because of the population… ?? Or Southeast Asia..??

1. It’s Japan, right?

2. I know the US is the biggest music market, followed by Japan

3. Maybe it’s Japan?

4. Japan… There’s a reason why singers aim for the Japanese music market ㅜ

5. Korea??? Or Korea is the third music market???

6. UK music market?

7. Japan is the second music market in the world

8. In terms of size, the US is about 4 times larger than Japan

9. United States > Japan > United Kingdom = Germany > France > Korea

10. The Japanese music market is huge, so there were many famous singers who performed in Japan

11. Japan, Japanese singers don’t target foreign market because they make enough money even if they only promote domestically

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