“The difference between actors and idols” Song Kang and NCT Jaehyun’s two shot

Song Kang and NCT Jaehyun’s two shot on GQ Thailand’s Instagram

1. Jaehyun’s styling is weird…

2. Well, I can only see Song Kang

3. Wow Song Kang… As expected from an actor

4. Although these pictures are not good, I know for sure that Song Kang is so handsome

5. But Song Kang is so tall.. Jaehyun looks small

6. I’m surprised that Jaehyun looks shorter than I thought

7. I can see the difference between actors and idols

8. Wow as expected from Song Kang who is an actor, his shoulders are crazy

9. I don’t know who they are, but the one on the left looks like a rapper

10. Why does Jaehyun look so short?

11. Wow…. Song Kang is crazy….

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