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The fandom’s statement regarding Source Music’s contract termination with GFriend

“1. The company notified fans of the termination of the contract just four days before the expiration date. GFriend debuted on Jan 16 but their debut was delayed so the fans were not aware of the exact date of the contract expiration.

2. GFriend members still continued to communicate with their fans on Weverse 8 hours before the announcement of the contract termination.
They even continued to upload G-ING (Gfriend’s vlogs) a day before and Umji even did a VLive. Source Music uploaded a new schedule on the day the announcement was made but deleted it, which means they are cutting off all the schedules after the end of the contract.

3. There are still schedules that have not yet been completed.
There are only two rounds of Yuju’s ‘Halli Queen’ and at the end of round 2, it says ‘To be continued.’ That means there is another episode. Yerin has the third season of ‘Beauty Time’ scheduled for the 30th.

4. There is still time left for the memberships
Each membership costs 25,000 KRW (~$22.16) for one year. However, if the contract ends on May 22 and the membership becomes unusable, then the people who bought the membership lose out on few months of it.

5. There are articles that were uploaded five minutes faster than the company’s official statement.
The first article was posted on 11:46 but the official statement from Source Music was posted 11:51.

6. There was a fan sign event that was postponed because of.. The fans waited patiently because it was because of.. but the reply we got back was a termination of the contract.” cr

Because of these various questions, GFriend’s fans have requested Source Music to release a statement answering all the questions that the fans have.

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1. If the group stops their activities, they need to refund the membership money

2. Wow, we’re looking forward to Min Hee Jin’s new girl group, but the agency is a barrier

3. But, what will change after they post this statement? I don’t think the agency really cares

4. The company is so bad, I can’t believe they announced just four days before and deleted all the future contents

5. Omg, is GFriend disbanding?

6. Crazy, they didn’t keep the minimum courtesy to the fans

7. Wow, this is so rude

8. The agency has no care for the fans

9. I feel so bad for all the fans

10. The agency has no respect for the fans

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