The first person that netizens think of when it comes to Jimin

Who is the first person you think of when it comes to Jimin?

1. Jamie (Park Jimin)

2. BTS Jimin

3. Actress Han Jimin

4. AOA Shin Jimin

5. Actress Kwak Jimin

original post: theqoo

1. It’s BTS Jimin

2. For me it’s Han Jimin

3. AOA Jimin

4. 22222 my love Park Jimin

5. Comedian Kim Jimin

6. Karina Yoo Jimin.. Because she’s my bias

7. 6 Karina.. Yoo Jimin

8. BTS Jimin

9. When I think of Jimin without their last name, I think of BTS Jimin

10. If you don’t write down their last name, it’s just BTS Jimin

11. 6…. Aespa Yoo Jimin

What do you think?

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