‘The King’ shows lackluster growth in viewer ratings ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘The King’ viewer ratings record a slow growth of 11.6%, is Kim Eun Sook’s magic not working?

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+725, -38] Lee Min Ho is kind of like a flower without a scent. It’s difficult to warm up to him. And Kim Go Eun is just not enough to be lead…

2. [+687, -19] It’s just boring. Lee Min Ho is just as handsome as ever but he’s never grown beyond Goo Jun Hyo and Kim Tan. Boring…

3. [+542, -18] Problem #1 is that the direction is a mess and there’s no BGM to add tension to the mood. Problem #2 is that Lee Jung Jin, Jung Eun Cha3e, and Woo Do Hwan are not good fits for their roles. Problem # is that Lee Min Ho’s speech is too reminiscent of Kim Tan, and Kim Go Eun of Eun Tak… the other supporting roles aren’t really pulling off their characters either. The biggest problem #4 is that I know I’m going to keep watching for Lee Min Ho’s face -.-;;

4. [+80, -1] ‘The World of the Married’ is just so much more fun…

5. [+63, -0] What makes Kim Eun Sook a good writer is the back and forth dialogue between her characters but she seems to have gotten rid of that to focus instead on cool visuals and complex world building. She’s got an emperor on a white horse but we’re past the age where that stuff is interesting anymore ㅠㅠ

6. [+60, -1] I think this drama is an opportunity for Kim Eun Sook to really see what types of PDs she works best with. She may have written the script but the drama’s vibe and atmosphere are created by the PD and this just isn’t it… It really shows how powerful of a PD Lee Eung Bok was in comparison.

7. [+52, -0] I would’ve preferred a new face for the female lead. She’s already been in Kim Eun Sook’s work and she’s just not talented enough to show an ability to capture a variety of different characters. I think that’s where the drama feels boring from…

8. [+48, -1] I can’t watch because it’s so cringe ㅠㅠ it feels like a mix of ‘Goblin’ and ‘The Heirs’..

9. [+44, -1] Lee Min Ho is not good at pulling off Kim Eun Sook’s style of male characters. Kim Eun Sook should’ve also just stuck to what she’s good at but instead she tried to go deeper and ended up with a story that isn’t this or that. I also don’t feel any visual chemistry or acting chemistry between the leads… it’s just a mess all around.

10. [+37, -6] It’s just boring.. the female lead was a miscast…

11. [+35, -0] Several problems, the first being that she cast the same actress she used in a previous drama for a character she doesn’t fit. I was really looking forward to this drama too ㅜ

12. [+32, -2] Both of their acting is quite bad, especially Kim Go Eun

13. [+32, -1] What age are we living in that we’re still talking about kings and emperors!!!!??????

14. [+30, -0] It’s boring ㅜ-ㅜ makes me question if it was even written by her. There have been previous dramas by her that weren’t my type but they were still fun to watch… This just feels like I’m watching Kim Tan and Eun Tak acting in a new drama…

15. [+29, -2] I’ve never seen dramas by either Lee Min Ho or Kim Go Eun but one thing’s for sure is that their faces don’t match together. Lee Min Ho stands out too much on his own. And that Jung Eun Chae scandal isn’t helping right now either.

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