The most popular music app in Korea

Melon > YouTube Music > Genie Music > FLO > VIBE > SoundCloud > Spotify

1. Spotify is so good

2. I switched from Melon to YouTube Music

3. It’s been over two years since I switched from Melon to YouTube Premium, and I’m so satisfied

4. Bugs wasn’t even in the rankings????????

5. Bugs is good, but why is ‘Bugs’ not in the rankings?

6. Apple Music’s recommendation function is good and the sound quality is great

7. Because I like foreign singers… I use YouTube Music, and it’s very convenient

8. Spotify is so good, but it’s too expensive. Should I switch to YouTube Music?

9. I switched from Melon to Apple Music

10. Melon chart is a mess these days, so I switched to YouTube Music

11. I’m using Spotify and it’s so good

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What do you think?

Wow these are idols born in 1994 who will turn 30 next year

You guys just don’t care about Aespa’s skills and just want to hate on them?