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 Article: Hwang Hana’s key witness boyfriend was actually her husband… passed away last December

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

1. [+2,553, -21] It’s crazy how there’s more and more scandal the more layers you peel back about her… I don’t think her powerful network can help her at this point anymore.

2. [+2,068, -39] What about the YG scandal???

3. [+1,937, -7] What is her identity?

4. [+228, -3] If Park Yoochun played his cards wrong, he might’ve ended up mysteriously killed

5. [+208, -1] After reading her articles for the past few days, I’ve realized that everyone tied to her has ended up in a suicide death… impossible… something about that is so fishy… 

6. [+175, -2] Seems like her repertoire is hooking up with guys to do drugs with and when they’re on the brink of getting caught, she uses her chaebol status to con them into marrying her and then dumping the whole scandal on them

7. [+142, -4] What if Park Yoochun almost died to this b*tch? Not that it changes the fact that he’s Toilet Yoochun right now.

8. [+117, -1] Wow, I’d believe it if all of this was some crazy movie plot

9. [+116, -0] She’s scary… her brain has gone crazy from all the drugs, she needs to be put in a psych ward

10. [+86, -0] Sounds like both men were murdered and made to look like suicides… what a scary woman

11. [+59, -0] I guess it’s fortunate for Park Yoochun that he got out with his life? ㅋㅋ

12. [+51, -0] So every man she’s dated has ended in death? Yoochun’s the only one alive? Was she not able to kill him off because he’s a celebrity with media and fans watching him?

Article: Hwang Hana’s husband’s death, drug distributor in critical condition.. both from ‘suicide’

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

1. [+2,260, -20] Wow, this is seriously scary, what is this

2. [+865, -23] Are we sure that these were suicides?

3. [+433, -30] I have a feeling the husband was murdered

4. [+401, -33] I feel like I’m watching a movie unfold…

5. [+147, -0] This is scarier than a movie. A key witness commits suicide? Isn’t that a plot often used in movies? To think that this happened in real life is more terrifying. I bet the worst she’ll get hit with is some probation and 1-2 of jail. What a scary woman… how can you go this far even knowing that you have a rich family to back you up?

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