The reason why Aespa is successful

Good company and pushes Aespa

Unique concept

Unique vocals of NingNing and Winter

Visuals of Karina and Winter

They got a lot of foreign fans thanks to NingNing and Giselle

They have the KarWin combination, it’s like ASeul and SulKry

They don’t usually have mystical stages, but their stages are high quality and good

They make avatars that are so popular on Youtube and used by many fangirls as memes

The song quality is excellent. They’re from a big company, so the music quality is so good

Because they appear less in the media, so people are curious about them

1. [+283, -35] Groups that have been bashed on Pann since pre-debut or debut always do well. That’s the tradition

2. [+188, -18] Groups that are bashed on Pann are always successful. Aespa too, as expected, they do wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+170, -16] Of course they will do well. Their concept is unique, the members are all pretty and adorable, they love their fans, their stages are good and their songs are good too

4. [+84, -13] Because they’re so cute

5. [+71, -163] The reason why Aespa does well 1. Plastic surgery 2. Getting into scandals before their debut 3. Management company 4. Management company 5. Management company

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