The things BTS fans who failed to get concert tickets did today

“Hoseok, I didn’t get the ticket. But I’m glad you’ll get to meet other ARMYs. Let’s meet ten years later. It’s so hard. My heart hurts. I donated the ticket money to the Ukrainian Embassy … PEACE..”

“Even though I didn’t get the ticket, I have extra money thanks to that. I donated the ticket money to the children in Ukraine. I was planning to use this money for happiness so I think it’s fine as long as it’s used well”

“I didn’t get the ticket during the ‘Speak Yourself’ concert and donated the money to UNICEF. I once again failed to get the ticket this time. I donated the ticket money so that I won’t feel bad. I will think about my next chance and will support you from afar. I will see how amazing BTS is on stage. I purple you”

1. ARMYs are amazing

2. I hope those fans get tickets for the next concert!!

3. Wow, both the singers and their fans are amazing

4. ARMYs are amazing, I was depressed yesterday because I didn’t get a ticket, but reading this post makes my heart warm

5. This is why I like BTS and ARMYsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Why are ARMYs and BTS so cool?

7. I’m not an ARMY, but I think they’re amazing

8. BTS concert was canceled last time and they also donated

9. As expected, our ARMYs

10. I think BTS has a good influence on their fans

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