The truth about NMIXX Sullyoon’s phone photo controversy posted by Youtuber Sojang

Sullyoon is the victim of Youtuber Sojang’s fabrication

If you write the facts in the comments, they will delete them immediately
So I write this post to tell you the truth

“NMIXX Sullyoon’s phone photo leaked.. Is she dating…?”

Youtuber Sojang claims that the preview photo’s phone background shows a man wearing a hoodie, but in fact, it’s Sullyoon’s selfie

After the rumor spread, Sullyoon uploaded the original photo herself

1. Even though she’s a celebrity, she’s still so young… She really needs to be protected

2. It’s disgusting to write provocative headlines and use weird photos as thumbnails to increase views

3. I hope JYP sues that YouTuber

4. What are you doing with a kid who just debuted?

5. Seriously, you’ll be sent to jail

6. I wish these crazy people were isolated from society

7. Just by looking at the photo you can tell it’s a woman, is that YouTuber crazy? Are you kidding me?

8. Crazy, why are you living like that?

9. Don’t touch Sullyoon, you’re crazy

10. That YouTuber used to hate Wonyoung, but now it’s Sullyoon?

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