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The victim who accused ITZY’s Lia of school bullying makes a new post

On July 28, netizen ‘B’ who previously accused ITZY member Lia of school bullying made a new online community post, releasing an update on recent developments.

Previously, two alleged school bullying victims who raised accusations against Lia, ‘A’ and ‘B’, were found ‘not guilty’ in separate defamation cases brought to investigation by JYP Entertainment.

When various media outlets reported the above developments, JYP Entertainment issued an official statement, emphasizing their plans to request a re-investigation, continuing to deny the school bullying rumors raised against Lia.

Now, according to netizen ‘B’ on July 28,

“At first, I was not acquainted with ‘A’ who wrote the first accusation post. However, I got to know ‘A’ through these recent events and am in contact with them.

During my police investigation, the investigators advised that I gather as many witness testimonies from former classmates and friends and submit them for the case. I was able to receive testimonies from a friend who was also a victim, as well as another friend who was present during the incidents. Once I submitted the testimonies, the police cleared my case and I received a letter in the mail, declaring that I was found ‘not guilty’.

On June 17, ‘A’ contacted the investigator who was in charge of these cases and was notified that JYPE has not filed any requests for a re-investigation into either cases.

On June 16, I received a call from a former school friend. They told me that ITZY’s manager was currently getting in contact with former classmates who graduated from Shin Song Middle School, asking, ‘What was Choi Ji Soo like in middle school?’. It seems that Lia’s cousin, who also graduated from Shin Song, is also contacting former classmates regarding this issue.

Another friend also called me on June 18, and they informed me that they gave JYP Entertainment the contact information to another friend who might know about the situation better. This next friend spoke with JYP Entertainment’s reps.

Additionally on June 18, ‘A’ received word that Lia’s legal representative has requested to meet with both of us. However, ‘A’ refused to meet with the legal reps unless Lia was also present in person.

On June 21, a vice chief of JYP Entertainment’s artist sector #2 requested to meet with me and ‘A’. The vice chief refused ‘A’s request to meet with Lia in person, and repeatedly stated that JYPE’s legal team wanted to meet with us, but without Lia present.

Believing that negotiating with the legal team is stressful and futile, ‘A’ has since avoided contacting JYPE again. I am also writing this post after receiving permission from ‘A’ and am dealing with extreme stress over the continuing situation.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Like Soojin

2. Seriously, looking at this, I feel bad for their manager…

3. JYP and Lia should have met the victim and solved this, why did JYP handle it like that?

4. Well, she’s still promoting and signing autographs for her fans, and that’s crazy..

5. Articles keep saying that JYP asks for a re-investigation, but what the hell are they doing?

6. Shameless

7. Lia is hiding behind a big company and a powerful companyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. JYP is crazy, please stop harassing the victim

9. ITZY would be better without Lia, but why does JYP keep her? ㅠㅠ

10. JYP and Lia are shameless…. I feel sorry for the other members

What do you think?

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