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If both of the pills are grey to you, you’re normal

+Explanation of the principle

If you see blue and red…

If you see blue-red, then you have a stress index of 70% or higher

The original color of both pills is gray. The reason they appear blue or red is that the more stressed you are, the more your brain will manipulate surrounding information, such as background color, to make you perceive gray as a different color.”

Any combination of seeing gray + another color means that you have a stress index of 40%

1. Gray and gray for me

2. At first, it looked gray but the second time I looked at it, it looked red

3. If I look at it quickly at first glance, they looked gray but looking at them again, they look reddish-gray

4. Looking at it quickly, they are gray but after seeing that it was a post about stress, I see red

5. Grayish red

6. They look gray-red to me normally but if I look at the the moment I wake up, they look blue-red

7. Blue-red

8. I see grayish red

9. If I look at them through the computer, they look blue-red but from my phone, they look gray

10. They look way too blue-red to me…

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