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[theqoo] AESPA THE 4TH MINI ALBUM ‘DRAMA’ INTRO ➫ 2023.11.10 2PM (KST) / 0AM (ET)

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1. Wow crazy…. aespa is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. This album will be a mini too? They will be the group that will be releasing a full album the latest in history. aespa is the first group I’ve seen with 4 mini albums but still not 1 full album

3. Hul what the? Why 2PM?

4. Oh it kinda has that chilly aura? What is this? Is it because Halloween is right around the corner? I feel like something amazing is coming so I’m looking forward to it ㅋㅋ

5. Come here

6. Is that a dystopian concept?

7. The otakus hearts will explode

8. They are on tour too. They must be so busy. Impressive!

9. The quality is crazy

10. The video is freaking pretty

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