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Recently, SM Entertainment officially filed a lawsuit against EXO-CBX members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin.

The lawsuit refers to the terms of the agreement between SM Entertainment and the three members, requesting that the three members follow the previously agreed-upon conditions.

In response, EXO-CBX has also filed a lawsuit against SM.

According to the music industry, it has been confirmed that EXO-CBX has not paid SM any royalties for IP, including music, assets, etc., for over six months.

Both parties initially agreed to pay 10% of EXO-CBX’s sales to SM quarterly, including the IP usage fees. At the press conference, EXO-CBX proposed paying usage fees for SM’s assets in exchange for 10% sales, but SM ignored the proposal.

Regardless of either side, EXO-CBX must pay the IP usage fees to SM, which could be another point of conflict in the ongoing dispute. If this isn’t resolved, EXO-CBX may not be able to use the group name and other assets produced by SM.

However, not long after EXO-CBX released a statement regarding the IP fees.

“In the agreement signed last June, they allowed us to use the IP, and there was no mention of how much we needed to pay. We have not received a request from SM to pay the IP usage fee, so it doesn’t make sense to claim that we didn’t pay the IP fee. We proposed paying the IP fee at the press conference first, but SM has not responded to our proposal. It’s unfortunate to see them using media play about not paying the IP fee when they have not responded to us.”

CR: Koreaboo

1. What is wrong with them? How far are they gonna go with this?

2. Even if you guys didn’t know, there’s no way Big Planet wouldn’t knowㅋㅋㅋㅋ just go ask Big Planet, it’d be even weirder if they didn’t know

3. Kids from this industry weren’t aware of the payments?ㅋㅋ you’re telling me that Big Planet also didn’t know?? SM sure is lenient about so many things

4. What is their lawyer doing?ㅋㅋㅋ

5. No but they had the 10% written do? Then just pay the 10% properly. You can still do it now. I’m sure that it’s printed in detail

6. They didn’t… know?

7. Just clear this up in the courts SM-ah

8. Pay everything and don’t ever touch EXO again. This is so funny coming from this rich kids

9. Where’s the shame??

10. The article states that they were willing to pay the IP usage fee, but SM didn’t respond, so they couldn’t pay it.

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