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– This panda (Fu Bao) is definitely a kind panda compared to other pandas

– She’s really kind

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1. Then why would you guys treat a kind kid like that?

2. Ah the hand!!! Why are they touching her with their bare hand… ha….. Every little thing they do makes them untrustworthy. 
4. If she’s this kind and gentle, then shouldn’t they treat her better? Why did she end up looking like that?
5. It’s not “compared to other pandas”, she is just this kind!!
6. Can they wear gloves? So unclean
7. Why are they using their bare hand like that…. phew… seriously, you guys claim that pandas are national treasures… that’s such poor hygiene for an endangered specie 
8. If she’s kind, treat her betterㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
9. Seeing them feed her with bare hands is making me furious
10. Fu is seriously a kid who doesn’t know what ‘evil’ is… that’s how she grew upㅠ

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