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(Screenshots mention Stray Kids Hyunjin, Kim Garam and Seo Soojin)

I do think that supporting them would make you an accomplice.

Even when you’re aware of their school violence scandals, you decide to turn a blind eye and still consume from them

It’s because the demand is there that the supply is coming in

“YouTuber and bullying victim Pyo Ye Rim has taken her own life.

According to the Busan Police Station and Fire Department on October 10, a woman was reported to have fallen into the Seongjigok Reservoir at 12:57PM KST. Emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene, and the woman was transported to the hospital at 4:20PM. However, she is reported to have died of a cardiac arrest.

The woman’s identity was then confirmed to be YouTuber Pyo Ye Rim, who’s also known to run a one-person beauty salon in Yeonje-gu Busan. Pyo Ye Rim previously revealed she was bullied through elementary, middle, and high school by 4 female classmates. After 12 years of bullying, she was inspired to come forward with her story after watching the drama ‘The Glory’. This past April, she filed a national petition asking for the abolition of provisions that favor perpetrators of school violence, such as the statute of limitations on school violence and laws concerning defamation.” – CR: Allkpop

The victims are just left with suffering for the rest of their lives.

1. They are accomplices

2. The fact that their fans start shielding them every time they get called out makes them accomplices

3. I don’t think that they are accomplices but they are secondary assailants

4. Seeing how they go to the victim’s SNS account to terrorize them, they are indeed accomplices

5. The fans who keep shielding them and who go to the victim to inflict secondary assaults are accomplices and the fans who are just fans are bystanders?

6. Of course they are accomplices, they have lost their morals;

7. Seeing how they are just flooding towards to victims, they are indeed accomplices

8. Those who remain quiet are bystanders and those who shield and assault the victims are accomplices

9. They are just brainless sick bast*rdsㅋ

10. They know that they are accomplices but they still choose to stan them so..

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