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Fans who attempted to kiss BTS’s Jin have been reported to the police.

On June 14, Seoul Songpa Police Station confirmed that they had received a complaint through the National Petition System regarding a potential violation of the S*xual Violence Punishment Act.

A police official stated, “We received the complaint through the National Petition System, but we have not received a formal complaint. We have not booked the suspect yet,” and added that they will review whether to proceed with a formal investigation based on the details of the complaint.

Earlier this day, a BTS fan (referred to as A) revealed on an online fan community that they had reported individuals who attempted to kiss Jin during a recent hug event to the Seoul Songpa Police Station. A stated, “I reported a violation of Article 11 of the S*xual Violence Punishment Act, ‘molestation in a crowded place,’ through the National Petition System.”

The previous day on June 13, Jin conducted an in-person event for this year’s “BTS FESTA,” where he greeted fans and offered hugs (or handshakes) to 1000 fans following his military discharge.

While most fans interacted with Jin respectfully, a few attempted to kiss him. Photos and videos capturing these moments show Jin appearing flustered and quickly turning his face away.

CR: Soompi

1. So it wasn’t just one person

2. But that fan just escaped back to Japan?

3. They are apparently foreign fans, will they even be able to be summoned?

4. I also think that this is s*xual ass*ult, but will they be able to sue strangers?

5. Hul so it wasn’t just one person?

6. They are clearly s*xually ass*ulting him here

7. Can we give them permanent expulsion too?

8. The company should be the one going out to punish them but… that bast*rd’s company isn’t doing anything

9. Apparently, both are Japanese

10. What is the company doing? They are so bad at doing their job

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