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Yulhee, a member of the group LABOUM, announced her divorce and is suffering from malicious comments crossing the line. As Choi Minhwan won custody of the three children, all kinds of speculation and aggressive comments are raising eyebrows.


Yulhee and Choi Minhwan also revealed their three children through broadcasting, so along with the news of their divorce, they also shared the situation regarding their children.

Following this, Yulhee was attacked by unexpected malicious comments. As the position that Choi Minhwan has won custody became known, some netizens are pouring out malicious comments and offensive remarks on Yulhee’s SNS. “Yulhee gave up custody of her three children” , “She has no maternal love” and “no sense of responsibility.” were among the comments poured at her. All kinds of speculation and excessively aggressive comments toward Yulhee have crossed the line. […]


1. All these people are living such pitiful lives….

2. Gasp so she had 3 children? That’s impressive

3. They’re the ones who are pushing the agenda that the mother gave up on her children… Stop shoving words into other people’s mouths

4. Seriously whether it’s on Youtube or on IG, the comments have all lost their minds 

5. So a father leaving his kids is “understandable” but a mother doing it is a “b*tch”

6. They sent the kids to him because he’s richer trash journalist-ah

7. Yulhee and Choi Minhwan should sue the journalists

8. I got so disillusioned when I saw most comments swearing at Yulhee f*ck

9. I’m sure they both decided this would be the best

10. What’s the funniest part is that those 2 still live a better life than the hate commenters

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