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Those are the 2 AI teams that have been released so far

Right now, virtual idols (with real people behind them) are gaining quite some popularity among people and people have been debating over weather AI idols, who are not only in appearance but also in behavior can make it 

1. As technology develops further and natural human-like behavior becomes possible, it could become popular.


2. Even if virtual idols are becoming popular, it’s because ultimately, people are behind them. No matter how much technology develops, machines are machines and humans can’t help but love other humans

1. Virtual idols already succeeded, there’s no way AI can’t 

2. The way it’s drawn is the issue here, if they were drawn like Japanese animes, I don’t think people would hate them as much..

3. The difference between whether there’s a real human behind them is actually huge

4. They look so weird that I feel repulsed

5. The fact that these are made through collecting people’s faces… Honestly I don’t like the idea.. There’s no reason for me to like it 

6. I feel like they will eventually succeed if they look more natural 

7. If they’re huge stan attractors, they’ll get it 

8. Just look at Miku Hatsune who’s an AI with no intelligence. It’s possible. If humans can even feel affection towards their robot cleaner, it’s f*cking possible 

9. If they make them well, it’ll just feel like I’m watching a good animation and I’ll be able to immerse myself

10. The moment virtual idols are gonna become the trend, they will.. 

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