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ILLIT member Wonhee has been spotted reporting malicious comments live during a broadcast, drawing divided opinions from netizens.

The incident occurred during a live stream on May 15 to celebrate the 50th day since ILLIT’s debut, sparking significant attention across various online communities and YouTube. 

During the broadcast, while other members engaged in conversation, Wonhee was noticed continually touching her phone. Although she occasionally nodded and responded, her focused attention on her phone captured viewers’ attention. 

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Netizens speculated that Wonhee was busy deleting live-streamed malicious comments, sparking a range of reactions. Recently, the group faced plagiarism accusations following remarks from Min Hee-jin of Adore about being a copy of NewJeans. Accusations of copying NewJeans’ music, choreography, and concept have intensified negative scrutiny and malicious comments.

In response to Wonhee’s actions, some fans expressed sympathy, commenting, “What fault do the kids have?” “ILLIT is suffering because of the adults’ disputes,” “It’s wrong to criticize ILLIT,” “Thinking of the young members’ pain is heartbreaking,” and “Stop harassing ILLIT.” On the other hand, some viewers suggested the situation might be staged. They pointed out unusual factors such as Wonhee sitting at the very end, exchanging glances with someone before receiving a phone, and seemingly deleting comments, which they felt were orchestrated.

Comments from skeptical viewers included, “Malicious comments are wrong, but this situation seems like a viral stunt,” “Is ILLIT trying to frame themselves as victims?” “Reporting comments openly seems performative,” “Why would staff suddenly give her a phone during a live broadcast?” and “Are they trying to garner sympathy?”

Meanwhile, ILLIT continues to gain popularity both domestically and internationally with their debut title track ‘Magnetic’ and follow-up ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome.’

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1. So HYBE was this trash

2. Only the kid is pitiful. Why are people hating on her?

3. They were the one suddenly giving her the phoneㅋ

4. The two issues are 1. kids who went to the broadcast to leave hate comments 2. the company for giving her the phone

5. It’s true that hate comments are bad. But the company is just the weirdest. They knew exactly what the situation was but why do a live broadcast? They could’ve replaced it with any other content. Why so persistently go a live broadcast at this time? They are honestly psychopaths

6. It just makes me wonder why must they do a livestream right now….

7. HYBE is so weird. It’s not even a good news. They obviously knew what type of comments they would get in these times if they had a livestream but still went with it and randomly gave her the phone? This company is just the worst for not protecting its artist and using this for media play instead

8. I just feel bad because this baby will get buried with hate commentsㅜㅜ

9. She’s kinda pitiful though. She just did what the company told her to do but all the hate went to her

10. All this whole set up was way too obviousㅋ

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