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These are pictures of ILLIT

And these were photos posted in November 2022
It’s from an online shopping mall called ‘Plzproject’

The visual director for ILLIT has been working at the agency (Belift Lab) for two years.

Heu Serian is ILLIT’s visual director. She has worked as a fashion editor for magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Dazed, and then gained experience as a content director overseeing digital content for Vogue. S he joined HYBE because she wanted to gain more experience and make an impact in the global market.

After joining HYBE, she worked as the head of the visual team for ENHYPEN and is now the visual director for ILLIT.

While Namuwiki isn’t always accurate, there is no mention of Heu Serian having experience with shopping malls in her career history.

1. Uhm… the fact that they copied from their own labels was already lacking sincerity and plagiarism is just hopeless

2. It’s way too similar

3. Even if the outfit could looks similar, the way their hair were tied really gave it away

4. It’s not just a simple white T and jean skirt. From the hair, to the asphalt road, to the background.. everything is just the same…

5. Crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ even the hair and background are similar though? Why give us a f*ck you?

6. It’s isn’t a reference, it’s a copy

7. The hair, outfit, socks, shoes, asphalt…

8. Heu Serian, explain this on your Instagram a bit

9. As expected, their class of plagiarism is on another level

10. It’s honestly the freaking same

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